Call to disable webcams over child porn fears – Jim Harding speaks about the dangers of webcams

Parents should disable their children´s computer webcams to stop paedophiles accessing Image of them, a cyber-bullying expert has warned.

Children are being exploited by predators using randomised videochat websites such as Omegle, without them even knowing it.

Jim Harding, who founded cyber watchdog Bully4U eight years ago, to provide training to school children and their teachers , on the dangers of cyber-bullying, said that a significant number of teens and young children were visiting chat websites and speaking to strangers via webcam.

Mr Harding said:” For example, you might have a 14-year-old boy who goes online and thinks he´s communicating with a 14-year-old girl. He´s being sent sexualised images or videos of a 14-  year-old girl and he´s encouraged to undress. He´s being recorded by the paedophiles and they use that video to snare the next child.”

He added: “The state needs to block websites which allow predators to exploit children . I called on politicians to intervene four years ago.” To date, Mr Harding says, nothing has been done.