Children as young as twelve found ‘sexting’ [ITV, 09/12/2015]

Children as young as 12 are sending explicit messages of a sexual nature, police in Northamptonshire have said.

Officers are investigating 24 separate cases of ‘sexting’ across the county – the youngest person involved being 12.

They are urging young people to think twice before sending explicit pictures of themselves or posting them on sites such as instagram.

Police are reminding people that one click can have a massive impact 

“It is really important people are aware of the dangers of sharing explicit material online.

“The dissemination of any material depicting nudity or sexual activity involving young people could constitute a criminal offence.

“It may seem like harmless fun at the time but it can have huge emotional consequences for those involved, leaving them vulnerable to blackmail, bullying and harm.

“It’s really important to remember that once an image is online all control of where it ends up is lost.

– Detective Inspector Richard Tompkins.