Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter requesting an investigation into bullying by other students:


                                                                  Your Address

                                                                     Your Phone Number



Principal’s Name

Name of your Child’s School

School Address


Dear Principal ……………,


I am the parent of …………, whose date of birth is ………….

My child has been bullied at school. I am therefore requesting an investigation and prompt response from your school to ensure that the bullying will stop.

The bullying occurred on [insert date(s) of bullying] at [insert time(s) of bullying]. The bullying took place in [insert where the bullying happened]. The bullying involved [insert detailed description of the bullying, including the name(s) of those student(s) who were bullying your child]. Witnesses of the bullying included [insert the names of anyone who saw your child being bullied].

I request that the school interview all persons who were involved in or witnessed the bullying. After the investigation, please intervene with the students responsible for the bullying in order to ensure that the bullying stops.

Should you have any questions about this request, please contact me at [insert your phone number and or email address]. Thank you.


Yours Sincerely,

Your Name



We suggest that you keep a copy of the letter for yourself. We recommend that you hand deliver this request to the Principal or send it by registered post.