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Is Your Child’s Mobile Phone Putting Them at Risk of Cyber Bullies?

When we give our children a mobile phone, usually it’s because it offers us an easy way to stay in contact with them. We can text them to make sure they’re okay and, god forbid, if something ever happened to them, they would have a way to reach us.

But is your child’s mobile phone putting them at risk for bullying?

The Irish Sun reports that 80 per cent of children in third and fourth class now have mobile phones and enterprising bullies are using this as a way to threaten, intimidate and verbally abuse them.

“Cyber bullying is a growing problem as children nowadays are increasingly immersing themselves in social networking sites,” said Jim Harding, the founder of Bully4u.ie.

“We plan on educating school staff and parents on noticing the signs of a bullied child,” he added.

A report carried out by Bully4u found that 31 per cent of primary school students have been bullied and 16 per cent of secondary school students have also suffered at the hands of a bully. The report reveals that almost 1 in 4 children are at risk.

Is a mobile phone making your child a target for bullies?

In this day and age, the majority of youngsters are familiar with social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook, and they access these sites to chat with friends on a daily basis. These websites also offer a channel for cowardly bullies who attack children from the safety of their own keyboard or mobile phone.

Cyber bullying has become a major problem in Ireland in recent years and it can have a devastating effect not only on youngsters but their families as well.

If you suspect that your child is the victim of a cyber bullying campaign, or you’re just seeking more information visit bully4u.ie.