Cyber Bullying Statistics States That Over 1 In 3 Young People Have Experienced Cyber Threats [KDrama Stars, by denise Garcia, 01/09/2014]

Cyber bullying according to “is bullying that takes place using electronic technology”. This includes devices like computers and cell phones, and communication tools like social media sites and chat.

iSafe Foundation reported that “more than one in three young people has experienced cyber threats online and that over 25 percent of adolescents and teens have been bullied repeatedly through their cell phones or the Internet.” This only shows that this is a serious concern among teenagers.

There are a lot of ways to fight against cyber bullies:

Ignore the message and block the user.

Do not respond – act as if you do not care. Showing this bully that you are not affected at all will make him feel powerless and without control of the situation. Block the user, change your mobile number or create a new social media account to prevent the person from making another ‘attack’. You may also consider deleting all your social media accounts, if it will make your life more peaceful.

Do not answer back. It may only worsen the circumstance. Relax. Share your problem with your family to unload yourself of the emotional burden. They can even offer you help.

Do other things – stay away from the computer or your mobile phone.

There are times like this that you should keep yourself from using the computer or your mobile phone. Busy yourself with other offline activities like playing your favorite sport with your friends. It is not easy; it actually takes a lot of courage but you can do it if you try hard. Surround yourself with happy persons.

Report the cyber bullying to the webmaster and others.

Ask help from the webmaster, mobile service provider, and Internet server. Send an email that tells your request for the removal of the item.

Look for a support group.

There are organizations or community groups that reach out to people that are victims of cyber bullying. Seek help from one of them. It can give you advices on how to manage Internet bullies. It can also guide you on how and when to seek legal assistance.