The dangers and consequences of “sexting” [Fox29, 18/11/2015]

SAN ANTONIO — Sexting can lead to some pretty serious trouble, and often times a child may not understand the consequences.

“When the damage is done, these kiddos, they’re devastated,” said Clarissa Zamora, the Director of Education at Child Safe.

A harmless conversation could lead to something harmful, and someone may even ask your child to take an inappropriate picture.

“Hey, if you care about me, you’ll send me this picture, or if you love me you’re gonna send me this picture,” Zamora went on to say.

Sexing could lead to a potential Class C misdemeanor, punishable with up to a $500 fine.

“It may seem like a very small charge, but that’s still something that’s going to go on your record,” said Officer Doug Greene with the San Antonio Police Department.

Zamora tells Fox San Antonio, while parents can talk to their children about sexting, they can also keep track of what they are doing on their cell phone by downloading an application on their phone.

“You can monitor texts, you can see what’s going to be sent out, you can see what photos are being sent out,” Zamora added.

Several Canyon Middle School students received disciplinary action after the school district says the students shared inappropriate and potentially illegal images via cell phone.

Canyon Middle School sent a letter home with students on Tuesday about the incident, and adds none of the images were taken on campus.

A spokesperson for Comal ISD sent the following statement:

“It is important that students understand that what they post in cyberspace may have not only have disciplinary consequences, but more importantly a potentially negative impact on their reputation. We are encouraging parents to use this incident as a teachable moment with their kids, and to be an active participant in their child’s digital life.”