Demi Lovato Fans Cyber-Bully Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas in Twitter War [ Yahoo Voices, By Sylvia Cochran, 4/11/2010 ]

With hash tags notating flying insults, some fans of Demi Lovato are taking to task ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas and his new squeeze Ashley Greene. This tempest in the teapot is just the latest Twitter war that sees posters cyber-bullying in 140 characters (or less).

Demi Lovato + Joe Jonas = Breakup
Joe Jonas + Ashley Greene + Demi Lovato Breakdown = Twitter War!

When People revealed that Demi Lovato was dating Joe Jonas back in March, 2010, the actress gushed that he (Jonas) was “perfect.” Sadly, the sentiment didn’t stick and just a couple of months later, MTV announced the couple’s breakup, fingering Jonas as the one doing the breaking.

Ashley Greene entered the limelight as Alice Cullen in Twilight. Already romantically linked to Jonas just a couple of months after the latter dumped Lovato, the Daily Fill reported in September 2010 that Lovato fans were not looking kindly on this new relationship. Protest signs (held up during a Greene shopping trip) read “Vampires Suck.”

It seems that Team Lovato is now on the cyber attack ever since the star left the tour she was on with Jonas to seek “treatment for emotional and physical issues.” Placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of Greene and Jonas, the Hollywood Gossip reports that a Twitter war has erupted. Throwing around terms such as “hate” and even stronger suggestions, some Lovato fans have taken to bullying Greene and Jonas on the Internet.

Twitter Wars are Nothing New

The self-styled Team Lovato approach is an aggressive twist on a time-honored tradition. Plenty of other Twitter wars have erupted with one celeb attacking (or making fun of) another star. When George Lopez cracked wise about Lindsay Lohan and her baby powder-covered feet, Pop Eater detailed the heated exchange that followed on Twitter.

Kim Kardashian – as outlined by the NY Daily News – found herself on the short end of the lecturing stick wielded by Demi Moore. The two of them went at it on Twitter over the use of the word “pimpin’.”

Cyber Bullying is Alive and Well on Twitter

Lost in translation is the recent news of cyber-bullying, suicides caused by the practice and also the fact that it is a most vile practice. It is disturbing that being a fan entitles some Twitter users to send messages — such as “I seriously hate you. @AshleyMGreene” — when just a few months ago the news detailed the dangers of cyber-bullying and the heartbreaking results it has.

In addition, it is unclear how Demi Lovato will react to the bullying messages of hate that are sent (supposedly in her support) to Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas.