Lady Gaga Bullying a Hate Crime [, by Debbie Nicholson, 22/09/2011]

Headlines flash as Lady Gaga vows to stop bullying after a teens suicide

Media headlines calling attention to yet another young death due to bullying.

Jamey Rodemeyer was just fourteen years old when he had taken his life last Sunday.

What had prompted this teen to take his life? In one word; bullying. What makes it even more heartbreaking was his video called “It Gets Better” posted on you tube last May.

Unfortunately, this was not the only teen that had made national headlines due to being bullied and ending their life. In January, news once again traveled as Phoebe Prince, a recent immigrant from Ireland had committed suicide by hanging herself in her home on January 14th.

Being bullied in school is not nothing new. In 2006, 13 year old Megan Meier committed suicide after being harassed and this time not by other children but by an adult who should of acted like one. Instead the woman, a mother of Megan’s former friend had created a fake profile to tease and torment the young girl. More young lives were also ended. Ryan Patrick Halligan, 13 years old, death by hanging due to online bullying. A nine year old boy, death by hanging in nurse’s bathroom of school due to bullying. Eleven year old Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover hung himself with extension cords after bullies had taunted and harassed him by repeatedly calling him gay.

After this latest report had hit media outlets Lady Gaga had tweeted her followers remarking “Bullying must become illegal. It is a hate crime,”

Lady Gaga continued by strongly stating she will be meeting with President Obama and she will not stop fighting to end bullying noting we need to make a law for Jamey. All it took was a few minutes for her phrase to be re-tweeted by her millions of followers and for the record she has more followers than the president himself.

Lady Gaga a known advocate for repealing the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” U.S. military’s standard policy of homosexual men and women in the service. In the early part of this week that policy has been eradicated.

Today is the National Summit sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C. in effort to stop the bullying in schools.

The National Center for Education Statistics reports 28% of students age range 12 to 18 have reported they were bullied in the 2008 to 2009 school year.

Most bullying does not occur from physical confrontation but in the form but in the form of insults, rumors and ridicule.

Counselors at Jamey’s school had advised him against the usage of social media sites to talk about his sexuality. There are parents that do monitor their children’s social networking and advise other parents to do the same. Social media sites like Facebook make it user for cyber bullying.

Jamey had posted on his Facebook “What do I have to do to have people listen to me”.

Those words ring out as this young life has abruptly come to an end do to the hateful words of others.

Hopefully bullying will end no matter what shape or form it is in. No matter if it is directed at homosexuals, race, religion or more. It should be stopped. Maybe Lady Gage will be the one to take the powerful stand against bullying and make this a hate crime so not another young life is lost.

Bullying does not make you cool nor does it make you important but it does make you ignorant.

In honor of Jamey I have just created a Facebook page called Stop Cyber Bullying for Jamey. Bullying must be stop and cyber bullying seems to be rising. Stop by and like the page and honor Jamey’s memory and help put an end to bullying so another young life will not be lost.

If your child is being bullied at school notify school officials immediately. If your child is being bullied on social sites contact the administrator immediately.