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Mum punched school bully in violent attack [Swindon Advertiser, by Sue Smith, 25/10/2017]

A FURIOUS parent who repeatedly punched a 13-year-old schoolgirl in the face has been spared jail.

The 38-year-old attacked the child in retaliation for bullying her daughter after tensions reached boiling point at the school gates, the court heard.

Both girls were students at a secondary school in Swindon and had been placed in a secure facility for disruptive pupils set aside from the main building.

The mother also punched the school manager in the hand numerous times as he tried to pull her away from the child.

The two girls were supposed to leave school at different times to avoid bumping into each other at the gates.

But the mother and brother of the girl ran into the alleged bully as she left and began shouting abuse at her on June 13 this year.

The parent, who admitted two counts of assault, appeared at Swindon Magistrates Court for sentencing.

Prosecutor Pauline Lambert said: “Earlier that day there had been an incident between the victim and the family’s daughter.

“The victim goes past a vehicle which has the defendant and her son inside.

“The son gets out and says ‘don’t f*** with my sister!’ and pushed her back and shoved her.

“The defendant then got out and punched her several times to the head and face.

“The school manager tried to free the girl from the defendant’s grip and gets punched several times to his hand.”

The mother’s 18-year-old son was also charged with assault and fined £120 on October 4 for pushing the pupil during the scuffle.

The victim was taken to hospital but received no treatment for minor injuries consistent with being punched in the head.

A probation officer who spoke to the mother said the girls had been friends in primary school but had been at loggerheads since starting secondary school.

The victim allegedly followed, bullied and threatened the defendant’s daughter, and said “we’re going to get you” on the day of the attack.

Magistrate Christine Smith gave the mother two six-month community orders to run consecutively.

She must complete 130 hours of unpaid work and pay costs of £245.