France Say No To Facebook Bullies [, by Mike Smith, 7/5/2011]

When the video of poor Casey Heynes aka The Punisher hit the internet it had many disbelieving how brazen bullies can be, it now seems long gone are the days of bullies restricting their movements to the playground and they are now venturing online and becoming cyberbullies.

There are many people trying to stamp out this new wave of cyberbullying, back in March Maddy Rowe brought us news on the US stepping in with Barrack Obama backing an anti-bullying campaign, now the next country to step up to the plate and say no to Facebook bullies is France.

This new campaign is being backed by both French Educational Minister Luc Chatel and the social network itself, their quest to squash this online behaviour will involve singling out students that have bullied other people through the network, once singled out these people will then have their accounts closed. You can read more about this in this post from

Although the two parties hope to kick this campaign into full swing as soon as possible there is still a little bit of confusion regarding how they will define what constitutes as cyberbullying, for more serious cases Chatel had this to say “we will ensure that the victim’s relatives have a system to file complaints. This will be made available through a partnership with the Central Office dedicated to fight cyber-crimes.”

It’s good to see more people actively getting involved to try and stem the constant abuse that some people are put through when using social networking sites, have you ever experienced any kind of negativity whilst using sites like Facebook?