Recent feedback from training provided to Northern Ireland Social work and Social care staff on Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Sexting and Self-Harm.

The following is some of the feedback we received after providing training on Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Sexting and Self-Harm to ‘Western Trust’, Northern Ireland Social work and Social care staff from CAMHS, ASD Team, Children’s Disability Programmes and open to other staff in family and childcare: Gateway, FIS, LAC, Adoption and Fostering, Residential, 16 Plus etc. ;

” Excellent facilitation. Very clear, concise and useful examples to illustrate points.”

“Very good training. The trainers were brilliant. Real life experience with a broad range of training with children/ adolescents”.

“Delivered and presented very well. Both trainers have a wealth of knowledge”.

“This training should be provided to education staff, parents, carers and foster carers”.

“Excellent passionate speakers who have lots of knowledge”.

“Excellent delivery of information. A lot of relevant information with discussion and examples from both trainers / others from the group”.

” Lovely relaxed style. Talking / listening dialogue. Having attended so much training over the years – I enjoy this style of informal, conversational best rather than ‘exercises’ “.

” Very informative. Very good delivery of material and information”.

” Very detailed presentation with lots of applicable examples. People were invited into the conversation freely. Very knowledgeable and applied it to the different professionals at the training”.

“Created more awareness for me around the signs and symptoms of cyber bullying”.

“I think it would be very helpful for other members of my team to attend this training”.

” Course would be very beneficial in our ‘Northern Schools’ and within team settings in work places”.

“Would encourage my local schools to invite ‘Bully 4u’ to speak to primary and secondary school pupils”.

” Extremely good – no jargon. Appropriate for all FIS staff “.

” Lots of useful tools to be used and shared, such as information on self-harm and bullying policies. Information continually interesting “.

” Relaxed, enjoyable and interesting, with a lot of little personal stories. Strongly suggest that team leaders and trainers attend this training – possibility of making it mandatory “.

” The training gave me more knowledge and tips how to communicate better with the young people. I will encourage staff to apply for this training and implement this into their work “.

” Very informative. Good information provided that can be applied to practise. Very interactive. Brilliant presentation and presenters “.

” Excellent. Easy to listen to, informal and interesting. Real life experiences very powerful. Found creative ideas very interesting. Would be useful for training to be delivered to parents and schools in N.I. “.