Suspect in stabbing of school resource officer says he was bullied repeatedly [, by Bill Logan, 10/4/2011]

PALM HARBOR, Fla. – Things are slowly returning to normal at Carwise Middle School.

Authorities say a 13-year-old boy stabbed the Resource Officer there on Wednesday.

Officer Kenneth Fridlund caught the teen in the bathroom with 11 glass bottles full of gasoline. When questioned, the boy stabbed the officer in the stomach without warning.

Students arriving on campus had much to say on Thursday. Some say they wish they didn’t have to come back today, while others said it’s important to get back to normal.

There is more about the young man in question who brought the gas-filled bottles to school along with the the knife. He has been identified and some information was available from inside sources, including some teachers, who said he wasn’t a bad kid but that he did suffer some taunts and some bullying.

For now, ABC Action News is not naming him because he is a minor and no charges have been filed yet.

It was back to school as normal as possible for the students, teachers and the resource officers.

A day after a student brought a duffel bag with the bottles full of gasoline and stabbed the resource officer, everybody was abuzz about the incident.

“I guess it leads from bullying,” said student Loren Jackson. “And this is probably his way of taking it out.”

Students said the seventh grader, who would wear his boy scout uniform to school, was occasionally picked on.

“I guess they would just, like, bully him because he was wearing the outfit to school and stuff,” said Nicole Carver.

“I guess he tried to threaten to burn down the school, trying to scare the students. ” said Jackson.

He scared parents who said they were fearful that the incident had been brewing for awhile.

“It’s just sad,” said Kimberly Frazier, right after she dropped her son off for school. “Something’s not right in that child’s life.”

Sad, too, that a resource officer required emergency surgery to repair a stab wound and a day of learning was lost to yesterday’s lockdown.

The teen suspect continues to be evaluated mentally.

Authorities say the process could take up to 72 hours and it won’t be until after that before criminal charges are contemplated.