Are you a Bully?

Do you think that calling someone mean names is harmless? Do you find it funny to push or pinch, slander or steal from someone smaller or weaker than you? Do you take pleasure in spreading nasty rumours about others? Are you using your size, strength or popularity to get your way? Are you part of a group which regularly picks on people?

Whether you realise it or not, you are trying to make yourself feel better by hurting others but you have most likely forgotten what it feels like to be hurt yourself. And while it might seem like a quick escape and a good way to divert attention away from your own problems, bullying inevitably backfires and makes everyone feel miserable, including you.   

Bullying is anti-social and no-one likes a bully. It is a serious matter with serious consequences – many bullies grow into adults who bully their families, friends and co-workers, causing problems with relationships and careers. Admitting that you are doing things to harm others takes courage; now it’s time to look at a few steps to tackle this problem behaviour.

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