Anti-Bullying Programmes for schools and clubs

Many students experience bullying and/or cyberbullying as the greatest problem in their lives.

Most schools, clubs and scouting organisations lack any effective response to this serious issue. The school environment becomes a place where diverse youth are marginalized and where no-one feels safe. As students become alienated from school, academic performance inevitably declines. Schools and clubs are now being faced with legal consequences for failing to provide a safe learning environment, and some are being held liable for the harassment, violence and psychological consequences of bullying and cyberbullying. There is a duty of care on the part of the school, it’s Principal and Board of Management to protect the health, safety and welfare of it’s students and teachers.


Benefits of an Anti Bullying Programme

Bullying behaviour can never be completely eliminated, however if your school is committed to change it can be substantially reduced.

A successful programme will bring your school:

  • significant reductions both in the number and in the duration of reported incidents of bullying,
  • an increased willingness to tell of bullying (both by students, their parents and bystanders),
  • improved student attendance,
  • less administrative time spent dealing with bullying and cyberbullying complaints and incidents,
  • enhanced student academic performance, and
  • enhanced reputation for your school in the community.

For more information on how your school/club can hold a Bullying and Cyber Bullying Workshop please contact