Physical Bullying

 What may be written off as “horseplay” or “mess fights” within the context of bullying can often be a disguise or precursor of more serious physical assaults. While both boys and girls participate in physical bullying, boys are more prone to it given stronger tendencies towards physical aggression. Young children especially are vulnerable to extortion bullying where things such as money, possessions, equipment, lunch vouchers or even food, are demanded from them and threats for not “paying up” are made.


Physical bullying includes:

· Hitting, beating or punching

· Pulling or pushing

· Kicking

· Tripping

· Pinching

· Choking

· Spitting

· Stealing

· Damaging property or possessions

· Demanding money or possessions

· Forcing into theft

· Locking in or out of a space

· Throwing objects

· Threatening with a weapon

· Inflicting bodily harm

· Humiliating acts (e.g. “wedgies” or pulling up of skirts)