Tips on Handling Cyberbullying

Don’t reply to messages that harass or annoy you – even though you may really feel like it, this is exactly what the bully wants. If you respond with an ever nastier message, they will think they have got to you and upset you which is just what they are hoping for. Don’t let them mess with your head!

Tell someone you trust – be that a parent, teacher, friend, youth leader or school counsellor. If you need to speak to someone in confidence straight away, you can call Childline on 1800 666 666 or visit

Keep the message – and a record that outlines the details, dates and times of any form of bullying which you experience (in case there is an investigation).

Block the sender – if you are getting messages that upset you, simply click the block button. Check your mobile phone manual or ask your parent to help you see if you can restrict communications to an approved list of contacts or in the case of serious bullying, you can change your phone number through your mobile phone operator.

Report problems – if you come across offensive content on a website or circulated by mobile phone, you should contact the owners of the service. Serious incidents that could be illegal should be reported to the Gardaí.