Project results.

5000 Young people, 2500 Parents/carers and 2380 teachers, Other school and support staff from 150 schools and 60 support agencies will benefit directly from this project.
Indirect beneficiaries include teacher training organisations, school networks, NGO associations, health care systems supporting the young people being targeted (Roma, travellers, ethnic /faith minorities, young people in care, disabled, risk of offending, those living in poverty) at both national and international levels, through the links to be created via project web sites.

This in turn will ensure even more numbers of the target beneficiaries will benefit. Other results will include sustainable products such as:

  • The app for use on mobile technologies which can be downloaded by young people, parents, teachers and other support staff to not only to become more aware of bullying and how to address it, but more importantly log when bullying happens, its content/focus and empower the victim to safely report it. This provides yet another tool for real time action research. The game will be accessible through a number of channels, the web, mobile web, native iOS and Android and potentially others so offers huge exploitation potential to reach more young people in school across Europe.
  • The app can become part of ICT teaching content in schools so sustaining it as part of a mainstream teaching resource, and integrating learning on bullying within the ICT curriculum and not just within more general personal and social wellbeing content. This helps teachers see the value of using this app.
  • The database on which the logs from victims can be hosted, so providing real time research data on cyber bullying and providing reliable and evidenced data for future identification of need and policy responses.
  • Teaching guides (translated and adapted) for teachers on how to use drama in mainstream school to provide safe and secure environments to openly discuss all forms of bullying, reflecting the expertise from three countries, UK, Ireland and Hungary to encourage greater transfer into more schools.
  • A new play to be translated and adapted by partners which can be filmed for inclusion on web sites for wider dissemination and use as an educational resource by more schools.
  • Resources inserted onto an e learning web site for wider dissemination and sharing and transfer
  • One focused national event in each partner country (UK, Romania, Ireland, Greece) with at least 3 presentations at 3 additional national events in each country to encourage more schools to use the resources in their school.
  • Participation in a dissemination event in Brussels in the European parliament / European Commission in 2016.