Questions to ask


When you meet with the school administration, you can ask:

  • To have your child’s complaint investigated.
  • What action will be taken to protect your child (if the bullying has been investigated).
  • What support the school can offer, e.g. counseling or supervised mediation between students.
  • That the incident be treated in a confidential way, especially if you suspect that the bullying might get worse if others know your child has told about it.
  • How the situation will be monitored in the days or weeks afterwards, inquire about the arrangements for supervision in the school.
  • The teachers to put your child sitting near a supportive student.
  • What will happen next, e.g. do other parents need to be informed? Should meetings be arranged with them?
  • To be kept informed about progress. Fix a date for this and establish who your contact person will be, and when they can be contacted.