Tips on the safer use of Social Networking Sites

  • Guard personal information online – even private profiles are not 100% secure.
  • Think before you publish – information and photographs online are there forever.
  • “Friends” aren’t always friends – be cautious when communicating online with people you don’t know and trust in the real world.
  • You aren’t anonymous online – behaviour online can damage your real life reputation. 

Don’t be cyberbulliedbe cyberSMART! 


Secret – always keep your name, address, mobile phone number and password private. Think of it like handing out the keys to your home!


Meeting someone you have contacted in cyberspace could be dangerous. Only meet them with your parent’s/guardian’s permission and when they are present.


Accepting emails or opening files from people you don’t really know or trust can get you into trouble as they may contain viruses or nasty messages.


Remember that someone online may be lying and may not be who they say they are. Stick to the public area in chat rooms and if you feel uncomfortable get out.


Tell your parents or trusted adult if someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or worried.