Larkhill Karate Club

larkhilllogoLarkhill Karate Club hosted a Bully 4u Cyber Bullying Workshop on 8th of April, 2011. The workshop was facilitated by Bully 4u’s Kevin Deering. Kevin is a Counselling Supervisor and, has 31 years experience talking to school children as a Juvenile Liasion Officer. Kevin’s experience and excellent presentation skills set the tone for a first class workshop. Kevin and the young members of the club interacted extremely well and the audio visual workshop covered the following topics;

-What is Bullying?

-What is Cyber Bullying?

-Types of Cyber Bullying.

-Tips on Handling Cyber Bullying.

-Tips on the Safer Use of Social Networking Sites.


-Anti-Bullying Pledge

At the end of the workshop each participant was delighted to receive a Certificate of Attendance. Speaking at the presentation of the Certificates, Larkhill Karate Club’s Sensai Brian Carroll said “We are delighted to have been able to host this workshop. The motto of Larkhill Karate Club is ‘Building Character for the Future’ and this workshop is all part of that process. We are fully aware that our young members are interacting with their peers in a new ‘digital age’, and we want to educate them so that they embrace these new communication tools and use them so that they will not be exposed to the modern scourge of Cyber Bullying. Also we wanted to make sure the children are fully briefed on the topic so that they don’t inadvertently bully somebody through not knowing what they are doing. I would certainly recommend it to other clubs and schools”.