1On the 14th and 15th of March 2015 a two day workshop was led in Athens by InSite Drama and organized by Action Synergy offering the participants the possibility to experience both practically and theoretically  drama methodologies regarding the issue of bullying and practical ways of implementing those methodologies in their work spaces in order to make difference.  The seminar was led by Ádám Bethlenfalvy and Ádám Cziboly and was attended by 28 participants from all kind of educational institutions such as nursery, primary secondary schools, second chance and special schools, prison education and theatre groups and phycologists.


The first day of the seminar was held in the Theatre” Topos Allou”, a theater which is already organizing theatre performances who aim to raise awareness on bullying (see more photos here) . The next day, the seminar was delivered in the Arts space Vyrsodepseio (see more photos here).  Ádám & Ádám presented different ways of creating situations in which learners/young people can engage on their feet, be motivated to understand and enjoy entering fictional context to recognise how and why problems develop. They also offered methods which contribute in looking at problems as complex social issues, rather than individual cases, and that build empathy for the ‘other’.
3All participants were very interested and satisfied with the seminar, as most of them were not used to a drama centered, participative and  interactive approach.  As a result, the chemistry of the group was great, and everyone was participating. As it has been set as prerequisite the knowledge of English (the seminar was held in the English Language), no one faced problems expressing himself in English and the seminar went very smoothly.


The next step and the next aim is the implementation of the methodology learned to their work spaces in order real impact to be made against bullying.

Lend a hand, Stop Bullying.