Free Drama Workshop

2 Day Free Drama Workshop

Where –
Larkin Community College
Champions Avenue,
Dublin 1

When –
26th & 27th November, 2015

How –
Insite Drama Group from Hungary, funded by EU Bully

Drama can be used to deal with the effects of bullying, new research shows.

It helps bullying victims deal with resulting stress better and more confident in communicating how they feel about what they are experiencing.
The research also found that drama, among many other impacts, makes students significantly more tolerant towards both minorities and foreigners, more empathic and have concern for others while being more able to change their perspective towards people.
The large scale research involved 5,000 young people aged 13 to 16  and was conducted internationally.

Jim Harding, founder of  bully4U said:
“This research shows that ways of dealing with bullying, be it the traditional type of bullying or through cyberbullying drama can be used as a powerful tool to deal with impacts it has on the victims and it’s wider effects.
Drama is a spectacular way of understanding the human implications of bullying. Participants can explore underlying connections, social dynamics and individual responsibilities related to bullying through the situations of a story.
Using drama tools, fictional situations, building stories to engage in problems like bullying are all a massive help in dealing with this extremely worrying issue.”

On the back of the European findings a free two day workshop being held by EU Bully specialists Hungarians Ádám Bethlenfalvy and Dr Ádám Cziboly will be held in Dublin from November 26 to 27.

The methods presented during the course can be used in or outside the school classroom to create a safe space in which such problems can be confronted.
Teachers and youth workers will be able to use these tools with a variety of problems and different age-groups.
Mr Harding added: “The training will offer teachers the chance to engage in a sample drama lesson on bullying and looking at possible ways of adapting the issue for different age-groups and problems.”


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